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In our quest to better the fire service, we have submitted some of our own power point presentations, lesson plans, and resumes. These documents and presentations have been successfully utilized within our jurisdiction. Please feel free to download these and make them your own. You may use any of the different power point slides and put your name in them, change the pictures, anything to make it better for your personnel.

Some resume templates have also been added to this site to show you the different resumes that assisted us with obtaining our careers in the fire service. By using our resume templates we do not guarantee you getting hired, as they are only samples.

If you have any power point presentations, resume samples, lesson plans, or any other documents that will assist aspiring firefighters, training officers, and instructors please submit them to Adam via email.

Power Point Presentations

Wildfire Emergency Medical Services
For EMS only providers within a fire/EMS agency. This PP can be used to show the basics of wildland firefighting so EMS providers can be aware of the dangers and recognize how to get out of a dangerous situation. Not designed to be an introductory to firefighting course.
Skills Crosswalk
Recently the NWCG put out training to teach structural firefighters how to fight wildland fires. Here is our interpretation of what it takes teach structural firefighters about wildfires.
2006 Wildland Refresher
Basic wildland refresher for our department. Topics include size up, working with aircraft, shelter deployment, and LCES.
2007 Wildland Refresher
Yet another refresher with similar topics. Strategies, tactics, and mapping in the WUI is also covered.
2008 Wildland Refresher
This years topics include includes introduction to evacuation, wildland urban interface size up, structural triage, using water effectively in the WUI, static water sources, and map use.
Chainsaw Use and Maintenance
Firefighters often lack the basic knowledge of powersaws. This is an excellent presentation that lays of the names of items on a powersaw and how to safely operate one.
Ground Ladders
Ground ladders are part of the basic skills of firefighting. This is an excellent presentation for a short company training. This should be followed up by practical evolutions.
Chimney Fires
Basic review on chimney construction, building construction, and how to safely suppress a chimney fire.
Accident Scene Safety
Crash statistics and driving safety.
School Bus Extrication
Learn the basics on how school buses are built and how to extricate patients from them.
Lesson Plans for Training

SCBA Confidence-follow the leader
Excellent, short SCBA drill even for the experienced fireman. Follow the lesson plan for a good workout.
PPE Inspection-Structural Gear
When is the last time you thoroughly looked at your gear? What is your partner carrying in their pockets. By taking fifteen minutes to do this now may be just enough time to get out alive later.
ECO: The deuce and a half
Another simple skill that is often forgotten about, the use of the 2 1/2 hoseline. Big fire big water right.
School Bus
This lesson plan goes with the school bus power point presentation.

Fire Service Resumes

Adam's Fire Service Resume
Although a few years old, this resume still has some good attributes. You can use some, part, or all of it as an example. Watch for an updated resume in the near future.
Justin's Fire Service Resume
This again was from few years ago, but it is way different from the resume above. Tailor your resume to you. Presentation is huge to hiring fire departments.
Steve Prziborowski's Captain promotional resume
Find out who Steve Prziborowski is HERE. Although this resume is for a promotional exam there are many excellent ideas to pull from here such as layout and type of content that should included in a resume.

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