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West Virginia Firefighter Training and Requirements Summary

West Virginia State Firemen's Association
These are two excellent resources, among others, for finding training for firefighters and certification requirements.
West Virginia University Extension Service
These firefighter certifications, plus many more, are available in West Virginia
Fire Fighter I
Fire Fighter II
Driver/Operator - Pump
Fire Officer I
Fire Instructor I
Haz Mat Awareness
Haz Mat Awareness & Operational
Haz Mat Operational Level
Hazardous Materials Technician
Haz Mat Incident Commander A must read for any firefighter in West Virginia
After researching West Virginia fire training information, I found a multitude of information. Most information useful, some bogus, nonetheless there is a lot of good information available. Sometimes the best advice and info comes from your own research locally. Go to your local fire department and ask them how you can qualify to be a firefighter. How to become a firefighter 101 says it well and lays out step by step what you need to to. One of the steps is to pass the fire department entrance exam like the exams on Fire Fighter Exam. We specialize in assisting you getting your badge through written test preparation. Often times applicants do not realize the importance of mastering the written test. You should be prepared for any questions from civil service type questions to FF/EMT questions. Check EMT National Training to see what is required to be an EMT in West Virginia. Utilize all of your resources and then more. Don't be shy, be aggressive, stay focused, and maintain optimism.
emt training online emt courses

West Virginia Fire Marshals Office

1207 Quarrier St.,

Charleston, WV 25301

Phone 304-558-2191

FAX 304-558-2537

WVU Fire Service Extension
PO Box 6610
Morgantown, WV 26506-6610

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