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Virginia-How to Become a Firefighter, Training Opportunities, Exam Guidelines

VDFP Virginia Department of Fire Programs- The VDFP provides educational opportunities, funding, support, and assistance for firefighters of Virginia
Firefighter training courses that do not have minimum requirements. These are classes for prospective students.
Upcoming Events- Learn what academies and training is forthcoming for firefighters including the southside Virginia Regional Fire School, Albemarle Regional School, Southhamptom Regional Fire School and many more.
Become a Firefighter in Virginia- Is a career in firefighting right for you? Walk through the steps of what it takes and what it is that firefighters of Virginia are tasked with every day.
To qualify for employment as a career firefighter, an individual must:

√Meet residence requirements
√Be 18 years of age or older
√Have a valid driver’s license
√Obtain a high school diploma or equivalent
√Clear a background check on employment, education and criminal history
√Apply for and take an entry-level firefighter test
√Successfully pass an agility test and physical
Applicable Firefighter Forms of Virginia- See what forms may apply to you.
There are many local colleges that provide fire science technology degrees. Here are a few of the colleges. Keep in mind that you may need to be an EMT before you are accepted to test in a fire department.
Ask any employed firefighter and he or she might tell you that the training never stops! On-the-job firefighter training varies by department and city and state. Most fire departments train their own recruits in 10-week to 5-month programs. Training may take place at the station, at a fire academy, or on-site-in classes or in simulation exercises. The training must start somewhere too, before you become hired. Taking fire department entrance exams could be the most important training you receive. Let our fire fighting questions and study guide, that is written by a staff of nationally certified Firefighters with over 20 years of experience, assist your with your career firefighter endeavors. Our questions are similar to those on real firefighter exams. Check out our firefighter sample questions for proof. Participate, be aggressive, and be proactive on your way to the top of the firefighter hiring list.
emt training online emt courses

1005 Technology Park Drive
Glen Allen, Virginia 23059-4500
Telephone: 804.371.0220
Fax: 804.371.3444

There are multiple divisions with different contact numbers. See what division is closest to you.

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