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Texas State Firefighting Classes and Training Requirement Summary

TEEX Fire Services Emergency Services Training Institute- Come here for basic and advanced elite firefighter training. Look at ESTI's training calendar to see when the next available class will be.
Online Firefighter Classes- keep checking this link to see what classes are added
Training Division is another Texas based firefighting resource that has top notch training.
Minimum Standards For Volunteer Fire Suppression Personnel:
Fire Department Organization
Forcible Entry
Ladder Practices
Hose Practices
Salvage and Overhaul
Fire Streams
Apparatus Familiarization
Ventilation Practices
Rescue Operations
First Aid
Inspection Practices
Water Supplies
Fire Protection Systems
Transportation Emergencies
Fire Behavior (Fire Science)
Fire Alarms & Communications
Public Relations
Records & Reports
Emergency Vehicle Operations
Emergency Management
Fire Cause and Origin
Live Fire Training
FF Safety/Personal Protective Clothing
Pump Operations/Hydraulics
Ground Cover Firefighting
Hazardous Materials
Portable Extinguishers
Building Construction
Public Fire Education
Certification Application Forms-Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Driver/Operator and other certification forms.
Training Opportunities and Announcements through the state firemens assoc. and fire marshal.
I could include an enormous amount of other training opportunities, but there is not enough room on this page. I just hit the tip of the iceberg. When you are choosing to be a firefighter as a career there are some things you must do for yourself. If you are brand new to the field you might want to start out volunteering for a fire department. Many career firefighters started out in the volunteer ranks. Another thing is once you get in, your training never stops. First comes essentials of firefighting then EMT class, then haz-mat. It never stops. This is a good thing. I mentioned EMT class. Be sure that if you are an EMT, you brush up on your skills and test taking abilities. Many fire departments include EMS questions on their tests. Fire department entrance exams are no easy feat, especially for those of you who have been out of school for awhile. An excellent online study guide, covering all bases of written exams, is Fire Fighter Exams. We have civil service questions, including math, english, maps, gears, and judgement and reasoning questions. Of course we still have firefighter questions. If you are still stuck on what to do next, don't be shy. You can contact us anytime, but better yet go talk to your local fire department and see what they recommend. Keep trying. if you're reading this, it looks like you've already made one step in the right direction.
emt training online emt courses
Texas Engineering Extension Service
Texas A&M University System

301 Tarrow
College Station, TX 77840-7896
Toll-Free: 877-833-9638
Phone: 979-458-6800

State Firemen's & Fire Marshals' Association ofTexas

4450 Frontier Trail Austin, Texas 78745

Phone: (512) 454-3473 or (800) 580-7336

Fax:(512) 453-1876

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