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Tennessee Firefighter Requirements and Training Summary

Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Enforcement Agency (TFACA)- The Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Enforcement Academy (TFACA) provides initial training, as well as continuing and advanced training to the state’s fire service. These programs are conducted at TFACA’s main campus, as well as across the state at various “host” fire departments.
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How Do I Become a Firefighter In Tennessee?
A career in the fire service (paid or volunteer) is an extremely demanding job that requires one to cope with many physically and mentally challenging situations in both their profession and personal lives. The decision to seek a fire service career should not be entered into lightly or on the spur of the moment.

Even though there are national standards in regards to firefighter training and certification, each individual fire department usually sets their own minimum standards and hiring requirements. Larger cities require applicants to pass a civil service exam, like the ones on Fire Fighter Exam , agility fitness test, etc. to be placed on a potential hiring list. Be advised that larger cities have a lot more applicants but usually have more positions. With the smaller departments there are less applicants, and less positions.

If you have more training and experience this will help in getting better scores on the initial entrance exams and interviews. One way to obtain training and experience is to join a volunteer fire department located in your local area. This will provide many training opportunities in addition to on the job training. Just an interesting note that in the state of Tennessee, over 70% of the fire service is volunteer.You may also consult the Tennessee Fire Department Directory to get further information for fire departments around you

By going to college and obtaining a Fire Science degree in some cases may be used to seek jobs in the private sector such as fire investigators for insurance companies or industrial fire protection specialists for industrial plants and facilities. Many fire departments also respond to emergency medical calls. Applicants that are certified as Emergency Medical Technicians may have a higher chance of being hired by those departments. See EMT National Training for NREMT exam practice. You may also consult TN Emergency Medical Services for further information.

This is just a little tid bit of advice. You may wish to visit and talk with firefighters at your local area fire departments to discuss the opportunities and options that may be available in your area.

Contact Information:

Tennessee Fire Service and Code Enforcement Agency

2161 Unionville-Deason Road
Bell Buckle, Tennessee 37020


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