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South Carolina Fire Academy and Fire Department Entrance Exam Summary

South Carolina Fire Academy- See what the fire academy has to offer for new firefighters. Use this SCFA Registration Form to register.

Greenville Technology College-Fire Service Technology-Another great option for fire service training.
SCONFIRE -Find links and information on the South Carolina Fire Service
The South Carolina Fire Academy is accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC). Here are the accredited classes:
NFPA 472 - Hazardous Materials Operations
NFPA 1001 - Firefighter I
NFPA 1001 - Firefighter II
NFPA 1002 - Driver/Operator-Pumper
NFPA 1002 - Driver/Operator-Aerial
NFPA 1002 - Driver/Operator-ARFF
NFPA 1002 - Driver/Operator-Mobile Water Supply Apparatus
NFPA 1003 – Airport Firefighter
NFPA 1021 - Fire Officer I
NFPA 1031 - Fire Inspector I
NFPA 1035 - Fire & Life Safety Educator
NFPA 1035 – Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Specialist-I
NFPA 1041 – Fire Instructor I
NFPA 1041 - Fire Instructor II
Inside this site you will find a tremendous amount of training opportunities. Please look through the site thoroughly to find what you are looking for. If you are a new firefighter or are trying to become a firefighter the SCFA may be a good place to go. Another good idea is to go to college for a fire science degree. After you get your degree you will become more marketable. Another component that is much needed is your EMT certification. Go to EMT National Training for more information on becoming an EMT.
While you are on your trek to becoming a firefighter you will see the value in getting high scores on your written test. Most fire department exams require you to get at least 80% on the test. Often times a department will only take for example the top 50. If the test is for a big department there could be 800 people testing, which means the cutoff could be 96%. It's different everywhere. Look at FFE's sample questions to see what type of questions are on the test. After you see the questions be sure to sign up immediately so you can begin your career sooner. Good luck and be aggressive.
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South Carolina Fire Academy
LLR - Division of Fire & Life Safety

141 Monticello Trail
Columbia, S.C. 29203
(800) 896-1070
(803) 896-9800
(803) 896-9856 FAX

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