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Training Summary for Rhode Island Fire Academy and Exam Preparation

State of Rhode Island-Office of the State Fire Marshal-At this site you will find information on training, certification, and the RI Fire Academy.
Rhode Island Fire Academy Course Calendar
Firefighter Physical Performance Assessment testing Information for RI Fire Academy's physical ability test
Be sure to get lots of physical exercise before testing. On many physical agility tests you have one chance and that’s it.
Email, call, or stop in at any of Rhode Island's fire departments
Check out the minimum requirements for becoming a firefighter for most departments in Rhode Island
* High School Diploma or GED.
* Must possess a valid Rhode Island driver’s license at time of appointment.
* Height in proportion to weight.
* Physically and mentally fit to perform vigorous basic skill requirements.
* Applicants are not eligible to apply if they have been convicted of a felony.
As with many other states the fire training is the same. There may be little difference, but it all comes down to the same principles. Be sure to study fire exam questions like the ones on FFE. Check out the Sample Questions that we have here. We cover all the questions that you may encounter. Civil service Exams? We are only ones that have these questions. Firefighter questions? You bet! The exact questions that you may encounter on fire department entrance exams or national certifications tests. Check it out, your badge is waiting.
Another word of advice. BECOME AN EMT! By becoming an EMT you increase your chances of employment ten-fold. Most fire departments already require you to be an EMT. If your smart, invest some time and money into paramedic school now and your guaranteed to go almost anywhere in the country. Go to EMT National Training to see what is required in Rhode Island to become an EMT.
emt training online emt courses
Rhode Island Office of the State Fire Marshal
118 Parade Street
Providence, RI 02909
(401)462-4200 (Voice)
(401)462-4250 Fax

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