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New Ohio Firefighter Training Requirements, Skill Sheets and Entrance Exam Advice

Ohio Fire Academy-On-line Student Registration and the Ohio Fire Academy Course List
Frequently Asked Question's in Ohio about firefighting and how to become a firefighter.
IFSAC Skills Sheets- (scroll down on this page)

* Hazmat Awareness
* Fire Inspector 1
* Fire Service Instructor 1
* Fire Service Instructor 2
* FF I Skills 1-1 to 1-20
* FF I Skills 1-21 to 1-40
* FF I Skills 1-41 to 1-60
* FF I Skills 1-61 to 1-80
* FF I Skills 1-81 to 1-100
* FF I Skills 1-101 to 1-110
* FF II Skills 2-01 to 2-20
* FF II Skills 2-21 to 2-34
* Hazmat Operations

How do I prepare for the exam? What do I study?
The City of Columbus’ exams are all related to the requirements of specific job categories; they are not general tests of intelligence or ability. The first way to prepare for the exam is to get an exam announcement and read it carefully. It will provide a lot of information about: the form of the exam (written, oral, evaluation of training and experience); the weight given to each part; and the subjects to be tested. Once you know the content of the exam, there are a couple of approaches to getting ready. One is to use a review, like fire fighter exam. For example, if Writing Skills will be tested, a good grammar textbook may be the place to start. The same goes for mathematic skills. The use of on-line test preparation is the best way to study for these exams.
Just like the Columbus Fire Department, many other departments rely on civil service exams for their firefighter entrance exams. Although there may be tons for advice on how to pass the civil service exam, you will not find a better place than Fire Fighter Exam for practice questions. With over 1500 real entrance exam questions, we can assist you in getting ready for any type of test. Study firefighter I & II questions along with math, english, mechanical aptitude, directional orientation, judgement & reasoning, and spelling questions. Take the initiative and prepare yourself for the most rewarding career out there.
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