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"Passing my fire fighting test was very important and I am glad I found your website. Thanks for answering all my questions "
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Firefighters of North Dakota Training Summary

North Dakota Firefighter's Association- Information about FF training opportunities, fire school, and misc. fire info.
Training Events in North Dakota- Stay current, or just begin your firefighting training with upcoming events.
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There is not a lot of info on the web for North Dakota fire training. Because of this you are going to have to do some research on your own. The best research is face to face with an actual firefighter from a local fire department. Ask them how they became a fireman and ask them when the next opportunity to test is. Most of this boils down to how bad you want to be a firefighter. For those of you who are firefighters that are trying to spruce up your test scores Register Now for Fire Fighter Exam. With our certified instructors we have compiled similar test questions that will be on your next exam. Don't settle for a low score. Come out on top and begin your firefighter career today.
North Dakota FireFighters Assoc.
1641 Capitol Way
PO Box 6127
Bismarck ND 58506-6127 Phone:(701) 222-2799
Fax:(701) 222-2899

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