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Training Opportunities and Requirements of Firefighters in New York

New York State Office of Fire Prevention & Control-You will find information on firefighter requirements, certifications and career opportunities
Currently, there are 99 fire departments in New York State that are under the requirements of the Firefighting and Code Enforcement Training and Education Standards. Of these, 36 municipalities are staffed exclusively by full time or paid/part paid firefighters. The balance have combination departments made up of career, part-paid or volunteer members.
CAREER Firefighter Requirements:
To qualify for employment as a career firefighter, an individual must:
* Meet residence requirements, if they exist.
* Apply for and take an entry-level Civil Service test periodically given by the municipality in question.
* Successfully pass an agility test and physical.
* Be reachable on the finalized list once vacancies are being filled.
* Be selected as a probationary firefighter.
* Successfully complete basic firefighter training and departmental requirements within required time frames.
VOLUNTEER Firefighter Requirements:
To qualify for the position of volunteer firefighter, an individual must:
* Meet residence requirements, if they exist.
* Meet the active membership requirements or bylaws of the entity or organization.
* Successfully complete required probation or training needs.

Volunteer fire departments provide:
* Injury compensation under The Volunteer Firefighters Benefit Law.
* Company- and state-sponsored training.
* Social/organizational benefits.
* Retirement incentives in some departments.
Training opportunities in New York-The title says it all. Be proactive and keep up on all your training. Keep good records of all your training stuff as well.
New York has accredited national certification examinations for the following disciplines:
Firefighter I | Firefighter II | Fire Service Instructor I | Fire Service Instructor II | Fire Officer I Fire Officer II | Fire Officer III | Fire Investigator | Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations | Incident Safety Officer
New York State Certifications
Code Compliance Technician | Code Enforcement Basic Training | Code Enforcement In-Service | Fire Instructor I | Fire InstructorII
Fire Investigator I | Fire Investigator II | Fire Investigator In-Service | Fire Officer I | Fire Officer II | Firefighter Recruit II | Firefighter Recruit I | Firefighter | Firefighter In-Service |
Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations | Hazardous Materials Technician | Hazardous Materials Specialist | Hazardous Materials Advanced Technician | Incident Safety Officer
Confined Space Rescue Technician | Dive Rescue Technician | Rope Rescue Technician | Structural Collapse Rescue Technician | Subterranean Rescue Technician | Surface Water Rescue Technician | Trench Rescue Technician | Wilderness Rescue Technician
There are a tremendous amount of training opportunities for becoming a firefighter in New York. The best way to get information is to go to your local fire station and make contact. Find out their requirements for becoming a firefighter and find out how to get training. At Fire Fighter Exam, we cover the basic preparation you need to pass you written exam. There are questions covering civil service questions such as basic mathematics, vocabulary, directional and spacial orientation, mechanical aptitude, judgement & reasoning, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. We also have basic and advance firefighter questions. Many departments also have EMT questions like the ones covered at EMT National Training If you are looking to get more hands on training, Meridian Fire Training Solutions is an excellent source. Never give up, keep studying, and try your best. the fire service is a very rewarding career that you do not want to miss out on.
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