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FAQ's for Aspiring New Jersey Firefighters and Minimum Requirements

New Jersey Department of Personnel-Entry Level Firefighter Opportunities
The minimum requirements for a firefighter in the State of New Jersey to ride any apparatus to an incident are as follows:

1. Firefighter I, from NJ Division of Fire Safety
2. Hazardous Materials Awareness (with yearly refresher)
3. Incident Management System I100 (Basic IMS)
4. Bloodborne Pathogens Training (with yearly refresher)
5. Right-to-Know Training (with yearly refresher)
6. Interior Firefighters must perform SCBA (re)certification and be fit tested.
A. Per NJ PEOSH, Respiratory Fit Test is to be done annually for those persons who may enter the IDLH. For our Department, this includes Drivers of apparatus. The IDLH may be a chemical release or gas, or even a wind direction change on a house fire or other incident that would require the apparatus to be in the IDLH.
B. It is the responsibility of the employer, whether it be a company, township, fire district etc. to pay for these fit tests and outfit their personnel with the proper size mask.
C. It is recommended that you have enough air packs for everyone on the apparatus, including the driver, and be cautious when your department allows unqualified personnel or junior members to ride the apparatus.
New Jersey Firefighter information -The New Jersey Firefighting Network
After reviewing the site, your best bet for getting information is to contact one of the local fire departments. There is not a lot of info regarding training. Written exams in New Jersey have all sorts of questions on them from math, english, vocabulary, mechanical aptitude, spacial orientation, firefighter, and EMT questions. Be sure to study here at fire fighter exam to ace your next test. Be prepared for anything, keep studying, and never give up.
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