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MU Online Courses to Become a Firefighter - Missouri Fire Fighter Exams

MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute (MU FRTI)- Missouri fire training page.
List of courses-Click on the link to find further information on the following classes: Aircraft firefighting, apparatus, chief officer, company officer, counter terrorism, emergency management, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, instructor training, suppression and firefighter safety, and technical rescue.
Online Classes-Find excellent on-line, self paced training here.
Training Schedule-More and more training opportunities.
Conferences & Seminars-MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute conducts statewide conferences and seminars throughout the year.
The Missouri fire and rescue training institute is one of the better fire training resources out there. It is easy to use and on every page it seems like there is another training opportunity staring you in the eye. Take advantage of the degree programs that they offer. Getting your fire science degree is excellent proof of your desire to get into the firefighting profession.

The one thing that is not covered in Missouri's site is that you have to first become a firefighter to take this training. So I will give my two cent on the beginning steps on what you need to do to begin taking these classes. First you need to apply yourself with being a volunteer or looking for fire department openings. Once you find an opening, apply for it. Put together a professional resume, cross every T and dot every I. Have someone read it and fix the problems. The next step will be the written exam at a designated facility (not always the fire department). If you score high enough, which you will with the practice exams on fire fighter exam, you will move on to a physical ability test.

The CPAT test is most widely known physical test. If everything is still going your way you will move on to the oral board interviews. There is an array of information on-line to help you prepare for your oral boards. You must know in advance that this is not an easy career to get into. We don't let any dummy into it who doesn't have it in their heart. Good luck on your career endeavors.

Missouri Emergency Medical Services-EMS is a large part of the fire service be prepared for EMT questions on fire department exams. An excellent online preparation guide for EMT questions is EMT National Training
emt training online emt courses
MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute
240 Heinkel Building
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: 1-800-869-3476 or (573) 882-4735
Fax: (573) 882-0678

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