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"Passing my fire fighting test was very important and I am glad I found your website. Thanks for answering all my questions "
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Firefighter I and II Training Exam Preparation in Michigan

Michigan Office of Fire Fighter Training-The Office of Fire Fighter Training (OFFT) serves the training and certification needs of over 1,000 fire departments and 30,000 fire fighters. The office prepares and publishes training standards, establishing courses of study, certifying instructors, cooperating with fire agencies to facilitate training of fire fighters, and developing and administering mandatory certification examinations for new fire fighters.
After reviewing this site I have found that it does not talk about the specifics on what is needed to become a firefighter. First you need to apply yourself with being a volunteer or looking for fire department openings. Once you find an opening, apply for it. Put together a professional resume, cross every T and dot every I. Have someone read it and fix the problems. The next step will be the written exam at a designated facility (not always the fire department). If you score high enough, which you will with the practice exams on fire fighter exam, you will move on to a physical ability test. The CPAT test is most widely known physical test. If everything is still going your way you will move on to the oral board interviews. There is an array of information on-line to help you prepare for your oral boards. You must know in advance that this is not an easy career to get into. We don't let any dummy into it who doesn't have it in their heart. Good luck on your career endeavors.
Course Menu- Courses offered by Michigan OFFT. See the course menu link for more specific information. √ Fire Fighter I (4th Edition)
√ Challenge Exam - Fire Fighter I
√ Fire Fighter II (4th Edition)
√ Challenge Exam - Fire Fighter II
√ Fire Fighter I & II (4th Edition)
√ Challenge Exam - Fire Fighter I & II
√ Apparatus & Pump Operations - FF I
√ Apparatus & Pump Operations - FF II
√ Apparatus & Pump Operations - FF I & II
√ Drivers Training - VFIS
√ Detection of Arson and Suspicious Fires
√ Introduction to Fire Inspection Principles and Practices
√ Company Officer I & II (Thomson Delmar)
√ Fire Officer II (MFRI)
√ First Responder Awareness
√ First Responder Operations
√ Clandestine Drug Lab - Awareness
√ Cargo Tank Training
√ Fire Fighter Health & Safety - Program Implementation
Forms and Publications-Find all the forms you may need to become a firefighter.
Michigan Emergency Medical Technician Information-Becoming a career firefighter often times requires you to be an EMT first. Let EMT National Training Guide you through the basics of Michigan EMS.
Guide on how to become a firefighter-Even if you already know it all, and believe me you don't, so check out the link. You will be surprised with all the little things that will help prepare you for your dream career.
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Office of Fire Fighter Training
Joseph A. Grutza, Director
Phone: (517) 241-8847
Fax: (517) 335-4061
Bureau of Fire Services/OFFT
PO Box 30700
Lansing, MI 48909

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