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Maryland Fire Training Opportunities and Fire Rescue Institute

Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute
The Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI) of the University of Maryland is the State's comprehensive training and education system for emergency services. The Institute plans, researches, develop, and delivers quality programs to enhance the ability of emergency services providers to protect life, the environment, and property. MFRI is the State's fire and emergency service training agency.
From experience MFRI's is loaded with information. This agency is known throughout North America for putting out quality information and training. Most of the information pertains to personnel that are already in the fire service, so you do need to dig a little for information. To get more proficient at fire department entrance exams Fire Fighter Exam will lead you in the right direction. A high percentage of aspiring firefighters fail to get jobs because their written test scores are too low. After sitting in on interview committees I have seen the best of fireman come through and get turned down simply because their combined scores were too low. Combined meaning written test, training quals, and interview scores. The best firefighter in the world can't even get a job if their test scores are low. Think about your career and the rest of your life, try FFE.
I'm interested in joining a fire department. How do I do this?
You have a number of opportunities available:
* You can go to nearest fire department to find out more information.
* You can contact your county's public safety department.
* Your regional office might be able to help with local contact names and numbers.

Some of the available training through MFRI:
Confined Space Entry and Rescue
Emergency Medical Technician
Fire Behavior/Chemistry of Fire
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Fighter I, II (NFPA 1001)
Foam Application and Systems
Forcible Entry Techniques
Gas Leak Emergencies
Hazard Communication
Hazardous Materials Awareness)
Health and Wellness Programs
High-Angle Rescue
Hospital Fire Safety
Incident Command/Management Systems
Industrial First Aid
Industrial Rescue Technician
Industrial Fire Control
Structural Firefighting
Personal Protective Equipment
Physical Fitness Programs
Respiratory Protection
Ropes and Knots
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
Search and Rescue
Sprinklers and Standpipe Systems
Trench Construction and Safety
Trench Collapse and Rescue
Urban Search and Rescue
Water Rescue

Check out the Course Catalog
General Tips for the Test-Taker
A guide for aspiring firefighters on written test taking with a QUIZ OF THE MONTH
Online Courses
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Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute
University of Maryland

4500 Paint Branch Parkway
College Park, MD 20742
Phone Numbers:
(301) 226-9900
1-800-ASK-MFRI (1-800-275-6374)
(301) 314-0686 FAX

Note that MFRI is separated into different REGIONS Check out the different regions to see which one applies to you.

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