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Kentucky State Firefighter Rescue Training Summary

Kentucky Fire Commission- The Fire Commission's goal is to improve, upgrade and strengthen the fire service for the communities and people of Kentucky. Click on the link to find out more information.
KY Virtual University - This program is designed to provide training certification for volunteer and paid firefighters throughout Kentucky. This virtual university is only available for current KY firefighters.
Find out what it takes to get your AAS Fire Rescue Science Technology degree
Kentucky Fire Service Forms-Find all the forms you need for new fire departments, instructor certifications, KCTCS firefighter application, loans, state aid, training facility grants, training records & instructional training, IFSAC forms, Hepatitis B form, and live fire burns.
State Fire Rescue Training Areas-Throughout the state of Kentucky there are "areas". Check out this link and scroll down to the different SFRT Links. You can also do a google search for Kentucky state fire rescue training areas. Here is a link to the Jefferson County Fire Instructors Association Fire School
It appears that in Kentucky becoming a firefighter is pretty easy. A lot it comes back to you though. You have to want to become a firefighter. You need to take it upon yourself to get away from this computer and contact fire departments. Get involved with your community. Some major advice I can give is to be aggressive with getting information, talking to people. Make yourself known with local leaders, and it will surely pay off in the end. On a different note, most people have trouble with written tests. Be sure to study all types of written tests like the ones here on Fire Fighter Exam By taking the exams here you will cover all bases of fire tests except EMT questions. Many time there are EMT questions on tests so you also need to be prepared in this realm. An excellent place to get this training is EMT National Training There are thousands of people who have subscribed to this site and have come out on top in the end. Check it out.
emt training online emt courses
How to become a firefighter 101-Struggling with what to do next? This website may also be able to help you out with the next step.

Kentucky Fire Commission
300 North Main Street

Versailles, KY 40383
Fax: 859-256-3125

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