These questions are examples of our judgement and reasoning questions similar to the questions given on certification and licensure exams. Questions cover a range of topics related to fire fighting judgement and reasoning. From interpersonal communication to proper conduct. Many questions come with graphical depictions like those below. These sample questions cannot be graded as those in our registered members area.

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Fire Fighter Judgement and Reasoning Sample Exam
1. Directional orientation can be an integral part of the fire service. This belt and pulley system above shows 5 pulleys. If gear 3 is turning counter clockwise which way is pulley 4 turning.
  Counter clockwise
2. Several gears are turning clockwise in the illustration above. How many exactly are there?
3. Firefighter Lebowitz and Revosky are doing a fire inspection on a building when the owner approaches them and says, "This building is safe. Why don't you fellas save some time and finish this thing now?" What is the most likley reason for the owner's statement?
  There are code violations that he does not want discovered
  He values the fire service and does not want to waste the fire fighter's time
  He knows the building is safe because he owns it
  The owner is a big donator to the fireman's ball and is looking for some free tickets
4. Fire fighter McSnuff is searching under beds and in closets of a burning home. Why is he doing this?
  Electrical panels are often in closets
  These places often contain smoldering items
  Kids will often use these places to hide from a fire
  Closets on exterior walls can provide easy entry points from outside
If you were conducting a size up on a structure, pretend you are doing a walk around. While looking at the front of the structure(s) on the left, what would you expect the rear of the structure(s) to look like?
6. Which of the following choices is not a factor when assessing a fire emergency?
  Type of building material
  Occupants of building
  What fire codes were violated
  Which direction the wind is blowing
7. What type of tool is the tool above?
8. After driving to a wildfire FF Leonard drives into a grassy portion, stops, puts the truck into park and continues to put out a 50 X 50 grass fires. The winds today are coming out of the west at 17 mph. What is wrong with this picture?
  Nothing, the firefighter is doing exactly what he is taught to do
  He is still parked in the green during a wildland fire
  There is a red flag warning with the high winds
  He should not have put the truck in park in case he has to get out of there fast
9. The top three types of calls that account for the largest percentage of calls are, brush fires, _____________, and false alarms. Use the graph above to answer this question.
  Mutual aid
  House fires
  Car wrecks
  Business fires
10. E32 is responding to a fire at Bob's bank. What street is bobs Bank on?
  Wipple circle
  Spoonless street
  First Street
  Mayo street
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