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Indiana Emergency Services Fire Training and Exams Information

Indiana Fire Safety/Services-This link will take you to the Fire Safety/Services webpage.
The mission of the State Firefighter Training Program is to effectively and efficiently provide fire service training to all Indiana Firefighters, ensuring that national fire standards are met; quality of training and experience fire instructors are sufficient; and that the core elements and foundation of an effective fire training system is established and maintained for future generations of firefighters.
Fire Certification Forms-In this area you will find fire certification forms, practical skills sheets and misc other information.
Indiana is IFSAC accredited in the following disciplines:
Airport firefighter, pumper d/o, aerial d/o, firefighter I and firefighter II, fire inspector I and fire inspector II, fire investigator, fire officer I, II, and III, fire service instructor I, II, and III, haz-mat ops, awareness, and technician.
After looking into Indiana's FF training I believe that they have implemented an excellent program. They have a plan for getting information and training to nearly all 27,000 firefighters in Indiana with 20,000 being volunteers. This is excellent. There are not many statewide training programs like this one.
You are probably still wondering, how do I become a firefighter in Indiana? This is not really spelled out for you, but here are a couple suggestions. Contact the nearest fire station and ask them. Go HERE to get excellent advice from author Steve Prziborowski. The next thing on your list is to study using Fire Fighter Exam's online fire exam study guide to master your skill in test taking. There are over 1500 questions on this site for all sorts of tests including civil service exams, math tests, vocabulary tests, firefighter I and II questions, and more. Also remember that FD's are running more and more EMS calls so study EMT questions as well.
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Indiana Government Center SouthJames Greeson-Fire Marshal

Phone: (317)-232-2218

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