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Fire Fighter 2 Sample Exam
1. At 212 degrees F water expands approximately how many times its original volume?
2. What type of extrication tools are above?
  Air chisels
  Power ram
  Hydraulic ram
  Highline pistol
3. What does acronym MVC stand for?
  Motor Vehicle Collision
  Mass Vehicle Collision
  Most Valuable Cadet
  Master Vehicle Corridor
4. What is the normal concentration of oxygen in ambient air?
5. Which hazard may need to be mitigated at an MVC?
  Antifreeze spill
  Fix-a-Flat fluid
  Vegetable oil
6. NFPA 1710 has four main purposes. Which of the following answers is not one of the purposes?
  Improve EMS delivery
  Improve methods of fire prevention, extinguishment and fire control
  Decrease amount of time on scene
  Protect firefighters, ems providers, and the public
7. Firefighter A says there are two types of self contained breathing apparatus used by the fire service. They are open circuit and closed circuit. Firefighter B says that they agree but wanted to add in that closed circuit is used more frequently than open circuit. Who is correct?
  Firefighter A
  Firefighter B
  Both Firefighters
  Neither Firefighter
8. Which of the following knots is not in the figure eight family of knots?
  Figure eight
  Fisherman's knot
  Water knot
  Figure eight on a bight
9. In automobiles what does the acronym SIPS stand for?
  Side impact pressure systems
  Side impact protection system
  Supplemental inverted pressure switch
  Side impact pressure switch
10. Building construction is classified under multiple categories. Type I construction is what?
  Wood frame
  Heavy timber
  Non-combustible or limited combustible
  Fire resistive
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