Mechanical aptitude practice exams give you questions that will help prepare you for mechanical questions on your real fire fighter exam. Questions cover a range of topics related to fire fighting tools and the way machines used for fire fighting work. Many questions come with graphical depictions as those shown below. Other questions are simply the identification of a fire fighting implement shown in a photo.

Over fifteen hundred fire fighting questions for you to practice.

Fire Fighter Mechanical Aptitude Exam
1. Which answer best describes siphoning?
  To lift an object
  Joining two pieces of metal
  Bonding two pieces of plastic
  Transferring liquid through a tube
2. Fill in the blank. Justin and Jamey pulled off a 100' section of wildland hose and a __________ nozzle to fight the grass fire. Use the picture above to figure out the answer.
3. This tool is a ________________.
  Halligan tool
  Kelly tool
  Pry bar
4. Of the types of saws listed, which is not an electrical powered saw?
  Hack saw
  Band saw
  Scroll saw
5. The firefighting tool shown above is a _______________________
  Circular saw
  Carbide chain
  Concrete saw
6. In firefighting this tool is called a ____________________
  Hydra ram
  Pneumatic spreaders
  Hydraulic cutters
  Amkus pump
7. The firefighting tool shown above is a _______________________
  Pike pole
  Drywall hook
  Rubbish hook
8. Choose the best answer for the definition. This tool is used to cut locks, barb wire fence, and steel bars.
  Tin snips
  Halligan tool
  Kelly tool
  Bolt cutters
9. Choose the best answer for the following definition. Used for making holes in metal.
  Carbide drill bit
  Auger bit
  Dato blade
  Masonry drill bit
10. The pair of ______ cutters above could be very useful in a situation where a ceiling collapsed and a firefighter became trapped. See above image.