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California State Fire Training Forms and Testing Opportunities

Office of the State Fire Marshal State Fire Training-In this site you will find some of the items and process for becoming a fireman in California.
Look HERE for all California forms and information on fire training .
You can find contact information from the Chief of state fire training, to EMT and Fire Fighter certificate processing, down to Accounting Services.
California's Secretary for Environmental Protection (CalEPA) has established a unified hazardous waste and hazardous materials management regulatory program (Unified Program) as required by statute (Health and Safety Code Chapter 6.11). The Unified Program consolidates, coordinates, and makes consistent portions of the following six existing programs:

* Hazardous Waste Generators and Hazardous Waste Onsite Treatment
* Underground Storage Tanks
* Hazardous Material Release Response Plans and Inventories
* California Accidental Release Prevention Program
* Aboveground Storage Tanks (spill control and countermeasure plan only)
* Uniform Fire Code Hazardous Material Management Plans and Inventories
In the state of California there are several different testing processes. There is your standard firefighter based entrance exam, civil service type exams, and CPS type tests, among the combination of all the above. Fire Fighter Exam covers all of these bases. You should also be prepared in case you see EMT questions. The best site to be prepared for this is EMT National Training.
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Contact Information: Phone: (916) 445-4758

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